Vision Explorers 1

Vision Explorers  – Having Visions Why this group?    For me (the Reverend Sarah Ross, Minister) I believe that we have reached a place where God wants us to move forward in new ways.  However some of what I think we can and should do take many people to very uncomfortable places.  Changing our physical space or developing our spiritual life is for some of us scary, unpredictable or worrying in some way.  For others, we haven’t done enough or moved fast enough and so some struggle with the ‘old-fashioned’ methods.  I believe God has a vibrant vision for the life of this congregation.  Week in, week out we preach to the converted which is important but there is much more.   However this group is one way of allowing us to talk about God’s vision for here and the Church as a whole, to work through our worries and concerns, and to discuss matters more fully.  It is not about right or wrong answers – it is about listening to God and to each other.  It is about growing in faith and knowledge.  And it is about growing closer together.   Over the weeks we are going to discuss everything from pews to mission, from past to present to future, to what we think is important to what God thinks is important, to how and what to pray for.    Topics will be varied but all tying into moving forward with God’s vision.    There is a draft 5 year plan being considered by the Kirk Session and its committees over the summer and hopefully we will be able to present it to the congregation come October.  And hopefully we will be able to support the plan in its entirety in faith.   Discussion:What does it mean to have a vision from God? Bible StudyAmos 7:1-9 – three visions. ·         In these visions God interacts with society.  What pushes God’s buttons?·         Are there similarities between Amos’ world and ours?  Do they affect God in the same way? Acts 9:1-19 – Paul on the road to Damascus·         What pushes God’s button this time?·         How would you feel if you were in Ananias shoes?  Uncomfortable, scared etc?  What would have happened if Ananias said no? ·         In these visions there is interaction between God and Amos, Paul and Ananias.  Do we believe that God speaks visually and orally today?  Why/Why not? Discussion within the group led to questions such as who can have visions, and how can we judge the accuracy of visions? And why would some have a sense of vision and purpose and others do not have any such desire.  

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