The Commitments of Faith Series

The current worship series is on the Commitments of Faith. So far we have covered creation and finance.  To come is time and talents, spiritual and unique presence.  To help with further reflection the sermons will be posted on the website.  Please feel free to comment on them and use them to further your own thinking.

Being a Christian isn’t about making sure you have ticked all the boxes and signed all the forms.  


Being a Christian isn’t just about turning up at church but is a whole way of life.  A daily walk with God – sometimes it feels like we are climbing a mountain, other times we are on a roller coaster and other times just enjoying a seat in a deck chair.

Being a Christian demands commitment – a commitment to look after God’s earth, to share your wealth and encourage wise use of money, to use the special talents you have, to invest time in your faith community, to read, pray and study and to remain a unique voice in our political arena as well as our communities. 



On one level we already know this – our membership promises, our profession of faith when we joined the church have all been reflected in these topics.  Yet often in the pressures of day to day life we forget that we are different.  Not superior but called to live in the world but not live by its standards.


“So we should stop doing things that belong to the darkness and take up the weapons used for fighting in the light.” Romans


Our commitments of faith are not to be taken lightheartedly.  Our commitments of faith, whether we made them formally or informally are made on the battlefield of spiritual warfare. 


God needs you to make these commitments of faith – for as we will find out in the final instalment – they are all part of God’s plan for his world – this one and the next.  

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