Buildings Review

Hi Everyone,
Please find copied below a letter going out to all members in the coming days. However these meetings are open to all who are interested in potential changes to the physical structure of our buildings.

As you may be aware the Kirk Session has been exploring the future of Forth St Paul’s and in particular with regards to its buildings. Maintaining our buildings in such a way that they are an asset rather than a burden is an important element of stewardship. We are sure you are aware that we have had a number of issues with our buildings over recent years and our maintenance costs are steadily rising.

Therefore the Kirk Session, with funding from the General Trustees, undertook an Options Study where an Architect, Raymond Angus, drew up plans and ideas on how we could best utilise our buildings and the land we have available. The Kirk Session have settled on a broad outline design that they feel is appropriate. And therefore the Session want to let all members and interested people know that they are now working on a feasibility study (working out the finer details including internal and external designs, funding and costs).

Therefore you are warmly invited to attend any or all of the following presentations.

Sunday 18th August and Sunday 25th August immediately following morning worship and Wednesday 21st August at 7:30pm when Raymond, the architect will also be available to answer questions.
All these presentations will take place in the church.

Questions and discussions will take place after the presentations and there will also be an opportunity for feedback using feedback forms. You are welcome at more than one presentation because having time to reflect and think about potential change can be beneficial and generate other questions.

Please remember this isn’t just about having a church or church building in Forth in 2013 but the intention for there to still be a viable church and buildings in 2113 and beyond.

God bless.

Sent on behalf of Forth St Paul’s Kirk Session
co-ordinated by the buildings organising committee

Vision Explorers Day – All welcome

Saturday 2nd October 2010 

Vision Explorers Agenda 

10am – The ‘Vision’ Discussion – what; who; where; why? 

11am – Refreshments 

11:30am – What is Church? 

12:15pm – Worship, Mission and Ministry  

1pm – Lunch 

1:45pm –  Physical Structures (with the help of an architect)  Meeting in the Church 

3pm – Decision making in the Church  

3.30pm – Vision 2010-2015 

Closing Worship – 4pm finish 

This is the plan for the day but the only fixed point is the Architect visiting at 2pm.   

Vision Explorers

Dear All,

I have put the material up for Vision Explorers as individual pages.  Unfortunately at the moment you can’t comment on the actual pages – but feel free to use this blog as a jumping off point for any discussions. I am exploring how to put response feature into the pages.  Look up and you will see the page at the top of the screen.  The rest of the entries appear in the left hand column.  Take time to read the scriptures, reflect and if you are willing share your thinking or questions.  You can always email me on as well. 

Hope you find it helpful to have the material available.

More blogs soon.

Warm regards