Resolutions – what are yours?

Dear God,

So far today I’ve done alright.  I haven’t gossiped, I haven’t lost my temper,  I haven’t cheated,  I haven’t been greedy nor grumpy,  nasty, selfish nor over indulgent.  I’m very thankful for that but in a few minutes, Lord I’m going to get out of bed,and from then on I’m probably going to need a lot of help. 


Can you write your own resolutions for physical, mental and spiritual, which may be three separate statements or an all-inclusive statement?  What would you like to happen with your relationship with God in 2011?  More importantly what is God trying to say to you?   

My three resolutions, which may be revised as the year goes on, are:

  1. Physical – get more fresh air
  2. Mental – read more books from my study library (buying them is not enough!)
  3. Spiritual – do the Examen in full at least once a month.  The Examen is a spiritual prayer exercise 

What are yours?  If you are willing to share them then please put them up on the website.  Just write a comment! 

You can register first – we don’t use your details for anything, except to keep legitimate users only.  I delete all spam links on a very regular basis.  Just click register in the side column and fill in as appropriate.  Then you can comment. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR and the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be you all through 2011.   

Same-Sex Relationships and the Ministry

The Church of Scotland are seeking out the opinions of Elders and Ministers about Same-Sex relationships within the Church.  Our Kirk Session will be holding their discussions on Wednesday 21st April and Lanark Presbytery in May.  This topic is fraught with pastoral concerns and theological understandings that threaten to divide as well as empower. 

 “Our Church (the Church of Scotland as a whole) has debated issues relating to homosexuality since the 1960s.  Views on those issues have moved over time but the Church remains deeply divided on its approach to homosexual practice, civil partnerships, and on whether a practising homosexual should be ordained as a minister.” 

The main concern of the discussions is whether practising homsexuals can hold a leadership position in the Church.   (If one is celibate there is no problem.)  For some this concern makes no sense because for them there is no issue about sexuality.  We are as God made us.  For others the Bible says it is wrong and therefore completely unacceptable for leaders within the Church to be practising homosexuals.  For most people though they have not really come to any decision because they have had no need to, and genuinely don’t know where they stand. 

In Church today we were reminded that none of us are worthy of God.  He chooses to have a relationship with us.  We all sin – whether we like it or not – none of us are perfect.  So we enter these discussions humble and conscious that all of us fall short of the glory of God.  You are welcome to post comments but the usual rules apply – this is a Christian discussion not a catfight nor a soapbox.  We genuinely want to hear what people think even if is to say I don’t know what I think…  Please feel free to speak to me any time about this topic. 

If you want to read the Discussion paper from the General Assembly then please visit