Celebrating Disciples past and present

Jesus called us to be disciples – that’s what the Great Commission says. “Go and make disciples.” Make disciples – makes me think of playing with playdough – being moulded and made into disciples. Jesus also says that we have to give up our lives in order to receive true life. Discipleship is kinda hard work and it is no wonder we want to run away and let someone else do all the hard work. Perhaps that is why we got Ministers – let them be made into disciples and lead us or perhaps it was control the Ministers and slow down the disciple making????

However discipleship is a great adventure and I would fully recommend it (though getting a dog collar and Reverend added to your name is not compulsory!). This Sunday we celebrate a saint, a disciple who journeyed in the family of Forth St Paul’s and went to be with Jesus this time last year. And we welcome two new members by profession of faith and promises that will shape them and make them disciples. Three promises – the UP focussing on developing their relationship with God just as Jesus did; the IN focussing on developing their relationship within the Christian family just as Jesus did with his disciples and the OUT focussing on developing their calling in the mission field of God’s world.

As the summer rest period continues take time on the UP to listen again to God, to abide in his presence whilst the IN element slows down and the OUT element continues to wrestle with the problems of the economy and welfare state. Listen for God’s healing words, feel his gentle touch and be aware of how he is making you grow and thrive in the environment he has placed you. You have a purpose. You are here for a reason. God is making you more of a disciple with every moment that passes. You are unique. You are loved. And God believes in you.

Dare you be made into a disciple today? And what will you do to make more disciples?

God bless your faith journey today and grant you answers.
Love Sarah

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