Expecting the unexpected

Is it possible to expect the unexpected? It does strike me as somewhat of a conundrum. How can you expect the unexpected? Yet within the Christian faith it is something of a given.  God, it appears to me, rarely works within the confines of human boundaries.  He seems to excel at bending, if not breaking rules, protocol, cultural norms, whatever kind of boxes we build for him.

Today my car (in a manner of speaking) went on fire.  The air conditioning system seized up and may cost several hundred pounds to repair, (praying warranty covers it). The up side was we got a sneaky dinner out as a family after husband rescued his family from the garage.  I didn’t expect my car to break, though there is always the expectation it might.

We don’t expect God to use us – what have I got to offer him? We know we should expect him too, but unless something major happens like being asked to be the mother of His Son or to smuggle bibles into China we don’t often see ourselves as God’s tools.

When you least expect God to use you for good, he will come knocking on your door. What will you say to him? He can be very persuasive as Moses found out or we can simply say “may it be as you have said. I am your servant” (Mary)

God bless and may you expect the unexpected from God.

Love Sarah

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