Affirming and Affirmation

What a wonderful faith family we reside in.  From last week’s General Assembly where worship was simple, contemporarised tradition to worshipping with anglican charismatics who really know how to let go this week.  If I am truly honest I felt a little out of water but in the midst of it all God spoke to me with affirmation.  As many of you know women in ministry is still a problem for the major denominations including the church of England and the church of Scotland (even if we don’t want to admit it). New Wine, the charismatic movement (known as CLAN within our borders)totally affirmed women in leadership, giving us our place in the body of Christ. The affirmation is a real boost because we often feel marginalised, pushed out in favour of male colleagues or patriarchal language.

However the most powerful affirmation in all of today’s material was listening to Alan Hirsch remind us gently and not so gently about the place of Jesus in our faith. How often have we used him to the fringes of our faith, marginalising him and hiding him in nice gospel stories? Or make him so sacred we cannot draw close to him?  What would we do if Jesus came to our church? Run him out of town? Kill him again? 

This was followed by a session that reminded us that we need to rest in God. How do we put God back at the centre of all we do and more importantly are?

So often we get caught up in the mundane or the paperwork or the business of our lives that we miss God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit working in the people around us, and touching us in the process.

Let us affirm each other, male or female, young or older, traditional or contemporary, contemplative or charismatic, valuing each other in our differences. But most importantly let us affirm once again the real Jesus Christ, the one who make God known to all.

I am the vine. You are the branches. John 15

God bless

Love Sarah

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