Distractions and Worries

When our Moderator spoke so movingly and passionately today about the worries, stresses and fears we face I didn’t realise his word would be so timeous. As he got slightly carried away with himself regarding the lack of support and appreciation, or even affirmation that ministers receive there was a quiet consensus that he was right.  He did ask when was the last time the congregation bought the minister a Christmas present, much to the amusement of some.  Not that I am hinting…

However a moving and supportive report from the chaplains to the armed forces many moved through for coffee (sorry to the pension folk!). The military report, questions and comments was well worth listening too and they are indeed worthy of our prayers.  It would seem tht I have still a number of years before I am too old for them!

There was I landed with a ticking timebomb which may or may not explode in my presence. Suddenly the 3am moment which I haven’t had for awhile is back.  But as Albert reminded us from Romans 8 there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God. Yet I was struck at the tenure report that said ministers were called by congregations to be pastors and teachers.  Sometimes, (and thankfully only sometimes) I wish I could turn round and say no to all the other things I am asked to be by the General Assembly and Presbytery!  But then I would not be Presbyterian! 

So now I am off to enjoy the sunshine after an early finish and pray! For first and foremost we are all children of God. A week buried in motions, amendments, reports and deliverances becomes a bubble you want to pop. But God appears in the most wonderful ways and bless Albert for without knowing it he prepared the path I had to walk today. 

Tomorrow is the last day of the General Assembly. After that I am on study leave for a fortnight and I am hoping to blog on my study leave journey.

God bless

Love Sarah

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