Imagination at the General Assembly

Another day, another dollar! I had hoped that the theme of today might be imagination. And I am sure it was there but perhaps not how I imagined it! 😉

Our Moderator Albert is perhaps the minister who bounces the most! His energy and enthusiasm is infectious and at his heart lies a desire to unite us despite our differences. Do you know who the evangelicals are because they mention Jesus Christ at some point in their speeches? Do you know the cynical because they sit arms folded? Body language sometimes says more than speech and one thing you can’t deny about Albert is his passion for the Gospel and people.  I think if it weren’t for him this Assembly would not be so enjoyable and I have to say that I barely know him except by reputation.

As we pondered how to engage with those who don’t know we want to engage with them, there were good ideas and desperate ideas. The report on parish ministers was basic, general and worthy of discussion but just too vague for my liking. how do we get more young ministers in the church? To me it seems obvious – by investing in the young!

As a young minister of the Church of Scotland (55 out of 906 are under 39 years old) I cant help but wonder at where the priorities of the church have been over the years.  And  yes I know lots of wonderful reports and work has been done but I want to ask why we keep talking about the church of tomorrow when it is the church of today that needs to change? My mother always said “tomorrow never comes” and for the church to move forward it needs to stop looking for the church of tomorrow and engage more fully with the church of today.  The imagination we need is here now – let us embrace the Holy Spirit, discern Gods will and move with Him rather than wait for the magic plan to arrive in the blue book.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

I finish this reflection caught in a vibrant thunderstorm with the rain lashing down, unable to get to my car without getting soaked. As the the thunder cracks, the wind blows though and the rain falls, I imagine the people of God being invigorated by his voice, being soaked with the Spirit, refreshed by the breath of God and becoming his church today for the people of today. If we want a church tomorrow we need to be Gods people today.

God bless

Love Sarah

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