Pondering people

Today the major theme at the General Assembly had to be people.  If yesterday was about following money then I have to say people with their potentials and flaws were most apparent today.  The praise for the Guild was well deserved and offered generously. Their work of tying together worship, service, commitment and finance together would appear unrivalled. Without doubt they are a force to be reckoned with as the Moderator freely acknowledged.

They were followed by the panel on review and reform who took quite a beating last year at the assembly.  Their report didn’t appear on the surface to be very controversial but it was a mixed bag.  They were seeking permission to explore the reign of the era digital and how that might impact on what is arguably still an analog church.  Mixed were the responses with concern not to miss out those who are not of the digital age.  Perhaps there is scope for pastoral care development in this area.   The other major element was on moving from our adversarial way of doing business to a consensus based model.  General consensus seemed to approve of this! Despite the discussions of technology this report was all to do with people.

This was followed by the National Youth Assembly report which I stayed for because one of my own young people had secured her place on the dias and I wanted to support her (even from the heavens which was the only place I could get a seat!). But I am glad I stayed for their report was refreshing, stimulating and gently but powerfully proved that we should not underestimate the young people of our Kirk. At their age I would have loved the opportunity they now enjoy and I am blown away at how seriously they take their opportunities. Again people – often judged, too often ignored and yet Gods gift to us all.

How brilliant that in the same morning we celebrated two fabulous organisations who bring much light, life and Gospel to our work in God’s kingdom.

This afternoon saw the report of the mission and discipleship council along with their powerful paper on marriage. Hidden in its treasure troves was the realisation of the important role people play in the life of the church, inside and out.  There is much more to be said on this but for now my train draws closer to my stop and my daughter awaits me to celebrate her 3rd birthday. I hope for her that the church will always remember that the greatest resource God gave us was each other, with our flaws and our potential

God bless you.

Love Sarah

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