People watching

Members of my extended family love to people watch. They enjoy drinking coffee in public places and ponder the stories of people going by. I on the other hand either imagine myself playing a role in a detective novel (paying attentioin in case i end up the star witness at a trial – yes officer, he was 6′ 1″, driving a blue car and had an unusual tattoo on his left arm, no his right arm!) or I ignore everyone in case I see something I have to get involved in.  At heart I am quite a scaredy cat.

But I am finding Christians very interesting at the moment.  Perhaps we could have a David Attenborough show dedicated to the Christians! Okay, maybe that is being flippant but we are fascinating at the moment. Or at least to me.  There are those who simply glow and have that inner joy that lights up the world around them.  I love watching them but wonder if they know about light shines from them.  Maybe they even even glow in the dark…

Today as I spotted another in the city of Edinburgh, I wondered what people saw in me.  I had never met this person before but in a room full of Christians she had a sparkle.  Now that is not to say the rest of us don’t but I know some of us need to find a duster! One thing I have found that really brings sparkle and glow to a Christian is a healthy prayer life – a deepening relationship with God that treats Him more than an acquaintance or problem solver.

Think of all the Christians who glow for you – who is the source of their light? Who is watching you glow (or not)?

For me, the glow is something of great beauty like a stunning landscape or work of art. I want to glow too, not for my glory but His.

This little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine,

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

May we all be beacons of light in this dark world.

God bless and let it shine.

Love Sarah  

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