To love and be loved…

Tomorrows theme (9/10/11) is Love with Holy Communion being celebrated.  And at the afternoon service we are using this reflection written by Eddie Askew in his book Many Voices, One Voice.  Eddie is an author I enjoy who always brings a fresh perspective.  And he shares his gift and abilities with the Leprosy Mission so if you are looking for more of his work, do pay their website a visit.

Be loved and then share that love today and this week and let’s change a little bit more of the world in love. 

God bless,

Love Sarah



Lord, can I just concentrate of your love, today?

So often, when I talk with you,

I concentrate on me, My feelings, My bruises.

I come to you breathless,

agitated from fighting all the ills

– real and imaginary – which people my world.

My world, Lord? Sorry, your world.

A world you built in love. For love.

And though at times it seems out of balance,

like the wheel wobble of an old car,

you built it in love.  Made it for love.


I thank you Lord, for all the evidence I see.

Not in abstract debate or routine sermon,

three points, every Sunday, six feet above my head,

but love at work.

Love in the tender eye, warm hand stretched out.

The empathy and sweet sorrow of shared pain,

as one stands by another.

I see the beauty of your love.

Honey light warming the stony ground around me.

The generous breeze of love,

blowing in every corner,

lift the dull dust of routine

to make life sparkle once again.

Polishing the worn corners of my life until they glow.


And love’s particularity  I see.

Making me one with you.

Not as some fragment of a computer database,

but just as me.  Made in your image.

Cared for. Treasured. Unique.

And, Lord, I see the cost of love to you.

No easy option, bought with small change.

But sacrifice, free given.

The cost was life, for life.

From you to me.

I take it, Lord, your life, your love,

and hold it to myself. 

I’ll live in it today. 

And pass it on. 


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