Conversations with God

Below is a poem written by one of our young people in the church.  I have her permission to put it up here and I hope you enjoy reading it.  What is your conversation with God at the moment?  I am having a lot of conversations with Him at the moment because we are on the brink of something truly amazing but it is going to be hard work.  Some people will come along for the ride and be changed for ever (the disciples); some will try and upset the grand plan (Judas Iscariot) and fail; some will become distracted or disillusioned and will leave (those who thrive on 7 day wonders and then find something new) and some will be changed along the way (like Saul who persecuted the church then became one of its most powerful influences).  However I read Isaiah 46 last night and I was struck by the following verses:

4 Even when you are old, I will be the same.
Even when your hair has turned gray, I will take care of you.
I made you and will take care of you.
I will carry you and save you.

5 “Can you compare me to anyone?  No one is equal to me or like me. 

No matter what happens God is always there and there is no-one who can replace Him.  Let’s embrace God’s will today and become like the disciples – following where God leads.  Have your conversation with God today.  What is He trying to tell you?  That he loves you, wants you and you have a purpose in this world?  You are God’s child and He loves to talk. God bless. Love Sarah

Conversations With God

I stopped and stood and listened
To the voices in my head
Saying do this, do that, do everything
But I ignored them all instead.

There was this single voice
That stood out from the crowd.
It gave me what I needed
To rescue me from myself

“The path you’re on is dangerous,”
The voice called out to me
“Follow the path I call you to,
Follow the path of light.”

I looked within myself
And asked what shall I do?
Do stay with the path I’m on,
Or do I change the road I take?

The voice called out again,
“I only ask you listen To what I call of you
The path your called will change your life
Will lead you to your light.”

I looked once more to the lightened path
And saw what I was told
The path before me looked dark
And dangerous to behold

I stood and thought for a minute
And thought about my life,
And chose the path I had been shown,
The path engulfed in light

By Laura-Jane Sinclair.