The Benefit of Walking

I went a-walking today.  Yes with a brolly!

It was fascinating actually.  I went with the primary purpose of visiting a family at the other end of the village regarding baptism.  I have downloaded some material on discipling and huddles so I was plugged in on the way over.  It was quiet anyway and no one was really around, and it rained.  Plus true to form I was running tight for time.  So on the way over I heard wonderful statements that told me I wasn’t the only wondering what the church of the future will look like.  I visited the family and for various reasons the visit was done in twenty minutes.  On the way back the sun shone – yes it does shine in Forth.  I spoke to a lady cleaning weeds out of her driveway, I dropped a letter through a friend’s door, had a twenty minute conversation with a wonderful gentleman from the Gospel Hall tradition where I told him I believed God is working hard in Forth, and we talked about being saved.  We also talked about our families and prayer.  From there I walked on home listening again to stories of imitation and oxen.  Then I saw a couple arrive home who I have been supporting as they help another ‘interesting’ character in the church.  I spoke with her for 20 minutes, reassuring and making her laugh.  Then a beautiful church attender P7 turned up and needed reassurance that High School would be okay.  Some cuddles later and she was off with a smile.  I left at 1:40pm and got back at 3:40pm.  And the actual reason for leaving the house took twenty minutes.  How much I would have missed had I driven over.  If I hadn’t stopped to speak to these people – who would have encouraged each of them?  I challenged one, supported another and made her laugh (she thanked me for that!) and reassured a little girl.  (Forgive the vagueness but I don’t want  to embarrass anyone!)

Now before you think I am getting all big headed – honestly I am not trying to blow my own trumpet.  But I do want to encourage you to think about the people you met today.  Or did you rush around and miss out on something wonderful?  Normally I am always rushing and Sunday morning still lies unwritten (again!).  However I have to wonder if today the Lord went walking with me?   I believe so.  Jesus liked walking – rarely he takes public transport though donkeys do feature a couple of times in his story.  As much as rural living requires the car – can I suggest that walking has more benefits that saving the environment and your health?

To the wonderful people I met today thank you because I came away challenged, supported, laughing and reassured.  For whatever we give we receive back tenfold.  I sit here with a smile on my face and hope in my heart.

“But the people who trust the Lord will become strong again. They will rise up as an eagle in the sky; they will run and not need rest; they will walk and not become tired.” Isaiah 40:31 NCV

Enjoy a walk and reap the benefits. I am going back soon to visit the family – I wonder what might happen during that walk.

God bless you,


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