Lent 5 and then some

Yes – I know.  Well the intentions were certainly there…it has been encouraging to hear how well some folks are doing with their ‘sacrifices’ for Lent whether it be coffee or chocolate or comfort eating.  I wonder though how much you are pining for those ‘items’ you have laid aside. 

The verse from scripture in this series is

Blessed are those who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness; they will be satisfied.  Matthew 5:6

The challenge in today’s reading is found in the idea of going without and seeking after – think about feeling hungry or thirsty.  We are fortunate – we crave food and usually it is there – turn on the tap and fresh cold water pours through.  True hunger and thirst is something we rarely feel but we know that when we are hungry or thirsty it becomes all consuming.  When will we eat next?  Where is the nearest tap or in my case coffee shop…? The idea behind this verse is genuinely that simple. 

Blessed are those who want to know more about God – they will be satisfied.  It is that desire to learn more, experience more, understand more and fill the hunger within our spiritual bodies.  Sadly we often only eat snacks that keep us going but don’t fill us up and make us strong.  I commented on this a wee while back in a sermon reflection – many Christians have a Sunday roast (vegetarian or otherwise!) at a Sunday worship and expect that one meal to keep us going all week.  The Christians with confidence and a strong faith are those who feed regularly and are satisfied by the most High God.  Perhaps the kind of comfort eating I need to focus on this Lent is not the chocolate cake but more time in the presence of God – not always working but simply enjoying His presence.  After all I don’t comfort eat for the energy or health benefit but because it makes me ‘feel’ better.  Yes – I think I like that idea – comfort eating with God.  For other Christians – sometimes it is a change of menu that is required, for God is creative and forward thinking.  Sometimes we get stuck on the set menu that we don’t realise that we are missing out on other great things from God.  When it comes to your faith reflect for a moment on your hunger for God and your spiritual diet.  Do you need to eat better?  Do you need to try a different menu?  Remember God will satisfy you – he is the Chef. 

There is an old saying:  7 days without prayer makes one WEEK.

What are you hungering for this Lent?  More of God or what you sacrificed for 6 weeks? 

Loving God, we thank you that you do not hide yourself from us but make yourself known.  We thank you for Jesus who opened our eyes to the wonder of your love and mercy.  As we continue through Lent leading towards to Easter, help us to hunger and thirst after you.  Help us say “yes Chef!” and respond to your feeding.  Satisfy us and build us up in strength, courage, confidence and love.  In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen. 

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