Lent – Day 2

Blessed are those who mourn for they will receive comfort. Matthew 5:4All of us have at some point or another had to deal with bereavement and loss or some kind of tragic event, unless of course, you are one of my younger readers.  Perhaps then you have witnessed the grief of a friend.  Ministers, rather like funeral directors, live in a strange world of grief – part of it yet separate from it.   There always has to be some kind of distance – a professional footstep maybe.  Yet despite the necessary professionalism there is always compassion.  Human nature being as it is – we, the professionals,  are affected by the grief of others.  Even today music for me brings memories of the grief of others – everything from “You’ll never walk alone” to “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and throw in a little Tina Turner and Michael Buble and I might have to start listening to Classical Radio.What the compassionate element to the human personality is indicative of though is God.  If you believe that we are made in the image of God – that is, we are his children and therefore we embody elements of Him – then the compassion we feel for another who is hurting is reflective of the compassion God feels for us when we are hurting.  And just as we draw alongside another in pain, just as we feel moved to help another so to does God feel for us.  He draws alongside and offers us comfort, reassurance and help.  Blessed are those who mourn for they will receive comfort – Jesus promises us that we are not left alone in our grief or sorrow.Lent is a time of preparation, a time for letting go, a time for spring cleaning.  But it is also a time of contemplation and reflection.  On Good Friday God the Father needs our compassion.  Perhaps today is a time for you to talk to God about any bereavement issues that are difficult for you – maybe you need comfort or the reassurance of life everlasting.  Or perhaps this is a time to remember those who helped you during difficult times and thank God for them.The Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want – Psalm 23Loving God, during this time of Lent, and especially today we remember those times we have given and received comfort.  We thank you for those who have carried us in their compassion.  We thank you for always being with us no matter what – strengthening, carrying, loving us.  Help us with any scars of grief that we may carry still, especially if they are having a negative effect on our lives. Through your touch in our lives bring healing and peace. In Jesus name we pray. And if you are mourning the loss of chocolate, caffeine or something else – pray and you’ll be amazed at the comfort you will receive.   :)May God bless you.Sarah

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